In english

My name is Karianne Gundersen and I work as a jewelry designer in my spare time. Viking jewelry is my speciality. I also make my own design inspired by the vikings. I was educated at Stenebyskolan in Dals Långed in Sweden, where they have made the viking jewelry
since the 1940´s.

I use the same techniques as the vikings used in the year 800 to the 1100 century. I start by winding a silver wire into a coil. Use a jewelry saw to cut the coils into separate rings. Then I use two pliers to assemble the rings into a specific pattern. The relationship between wire thickness, ring size and pattern is crucial for a good result. It´s a time consuming, but enjoyable work.

The jewelry has a timeless design.

The jewelry are for sale at the Museum of the Viking Age museum shop, Bygdøy/Oslo Norway.